Dependable Power when 
you Need It!


Comfort  Special  $8,300*

*Price is turn key installation for a Briggs and Stratton 20kW generator, single 200Amp Transfer Switch and Natural Gas source, and 1st year Power Partner Premium Service.  Requires an onsite review by GPS.  B&S generators have a 4 year warranty on the generator and 3 year on the xfer switch. 

Home Standby Generator


10 / 12 kW solution that can run homes with only a few circuits to maintain.  Can power lighting, refrigerators, a microwave oven, gas appliances and wells.  Can run small AC systems too.


15-20kW solution that can run medium to large homes, and up to 5 ton AC systems.  Elegant and simple solution for comfort, yet balanced for the budget.


25kW and greater, this package is for large to very large homes with extreme power requirements.  Perfect for owners that do not wish to experience any impact on lifestyle.

Packaged Solutions - Scaled for your Family's need.