Standby Generator Packages

Choose from the package types below to develop a standby power strategy that will meet your family's needs.  Once you decide on a strategy, then contact us at 803-779-9236 and discuss with us.  We will design a solution that will accomplish your goals and meet your budget.


All of our solutions will run on either Natural Gas or LP, and is turn-key including transfer switch and installation.  An onsite engineering survey by GPS is required before installation.  See Order Information | Policy page.

Basic Standby Generator Solution


10 or 12 kW based solution.  This solution uses a transfer switch with builtin circuits to provide power to selected appliances in your home.  ​

This is a great product for smaller homes or for any home when sticking to a smaller budget.  These systems are also ideal for barns, Equine facilities or other structures with smaller power needs.


Prices start at $5,000

Comfort Standby Generator Solution


16 or 20 kW based solution with a single 200 amp transfer switch can supply power adequate for medium and large homes.​  Contains an Intelligent control board which allows the generator to control two large appliances, such as AC / Heat Pump systems. This smart feature will release these large loads when household electrical demand is high and return them to service when demand is low.

This is the perfect package for most homeowners as it supplies power to the entire home.  This ensures that all circuits are capable of running during outages, allowing you the greatest flexibility of use and maximizing your comfort.


2014 Comfort Special Starting at $8,300 

Signature Home Solution


For very large homes or large power requirements, our liquid cooled product line can provide up to 60kW of power.​  These can be designed to interface with a 200, 400 or 600 Amp service.

If your home has AC systems larger than 5 tons or have more than two large units and you wish these to run while maintaining a normal lifestyle, then this package is for you.  We can design a solution that is perfect for your home and lifestyle.


Package Prices start at $18,900